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Gareth France gareth.france at
Wed Jan 4 05:33:21 UTC 2017

On 04/01/17 04:13, XiaoGuo Liu wrote:
> Hi Gareth,
> Based on sergio's scripts at 
> <> , I have created a tutorial for 
> it. Hopefully, it is useful to you. You may find it at:
> Best regards,
> XiaoGuo

That is wonderful, thank you. However I have encountered several issues. 
First your tutorial is in Chinese, second it is not clear how you are 
naming your container (the command to create it simply refers to it as 
yakkety but the responses to that command state creating and starting 

When adding a user mine simply returns to the command prompt it does not 
add user, group, home directory, request a password etc. Adding admin 
privilages same issue. Then you tell me to add something at the end of 
'the file' but you have not said which file or how I should be accessing it.

I decided to stop here as I doubt very much this is working at my end.
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