gnu screen does not work in classic?

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Tue Jan 3 10:11:18 UTC 2017

Am Dienstag, den 03.01.2017, 00:46 +0000 schrieb Nick Moffitt:
> Dan Kegel:
> > 
> > I tried to use 'screen' as usual to start a long-running job
> > inside classic, but it failed because /proc/self/fd/0 was
> > owned by root:
> As a workaround, you can use /usr/bin/script from the bsdutils
> package
> to give you a fresh pty that screen won't get upset about.  Something
> like this should do the trick:
>     script -c 'screen -RAD' /dev/null
if you look at /snap/classic/current/bin/classic you will notice that
we already do this:

# FIXME: workaround for
SCRIPT="script --quiet --return --command \"$SUDOCMD\" /dev/null"


systemd-run --quiet --scope --unit=classic-$$.scope --
description="Classic shell" chroot "$ROOT" sh -c "$CMD"

i assume the "/dev/pts already mounted" error is the issue here, seems
systemd-run does not properly clean up on the stzop event and you keep
the former pts instance around.

i filed for this and will dig into it ...

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