Shared content example - ubuntu-app-platform

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Mon Jan 2 08:05:55 UTC 2017

2016-12-08 2:56 GMT+02:00 knitzsche <kyle.nitzsche at>:
> How do consumers (snap devs) know the lib/API versions contained? On touch
> we had the concept of a "framework", whose version implied a set of API
> commitments. Since this puts QT together with other (Ubuntu &etc)  libs,
> what's the reasonable expectation?

Right now the versioning we have is the "content:" field, currently at
ubuntu-app-platform1. This was recommended to me in October.

The idea would be to increment that so that apps using
ubuntu-app-platform1 continue to fetch an older platform snap from the
store providing that version, while people can update their apps to
the newer version at their pace. This is the theory, I'm not sure
about the implementation status for things like 1) fetching older
version with matching "content:" value in case the newest snap in
store has incremented value, 2) co-installing different versions with
different "content:" value. We may need to change snap itself or
introduce a new method for the versioning if this is not the final


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