Issues generating snap

Gareth France gareth.france at
Sun Jan 1 22:29:30 UTC 2017

> More information to help out would be appreciated, such as version, 
> what you are trying to build (is it really the 01 dir from the tour), 
> what release you are on, other information you can think of.
> Is this the full length of the output? It seems something in your 
> build is calling perl and bailing for some reason.
Ok, so having read ahead a little more I have managed to use an example 
of a python script being packaged to package the script I wanted to. The 
result installs perfectly but then tells me that I do not have 
permission to run the command when I try to run my installed program.

A little tinkering and then it just tells me that it can't determine the 
dependancies for many things during the compilation of the snap, then 
tells me that it has completed successfully but when I try to run the 
installed program it tells me python isn't installed.
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