Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Sep 15 21:37:00 UTC 2016

On 15/09/16 14:28, Spencer Parkin wrote:
> I'm embarrassed to say that while, supposedly, I have published a
> candidate and a stable release, I have no idea how to "go get them"
> the same way that, say, a user would.  I run "snap find
> <myprojectname>", but it doesn't find it, and I can't find it on any
> store front page.  Perhaps there's still some vetting to be done. 
> That's fine.  If I've pushed up a beta or candidate, though, shouldn't
> I be able to do something with it?  Is all this documented somewhere
> in a completely obvious place that I have completely overlooked?

Try 'sudo snap install  --edge <yourprojectname>'

Have you done "snapcraft release" or just "snapcraft push"? Or snapcraft
push --release=?

> Here's hoping my first post to the mailing list doesn't immediately
> alienate me from everyone...

You're crazy, get out of my office :)

Of course not, this is the place for questions, and if the docs aren't
found then they are not completely obvious by definition, so thanks for
at least getting this on the Googlebot's radar.


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