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On Mon, Nov 28, 2016 at 2:37 PM, Didier Roche <didrocks at> wrote:

> > It is possible to imagine some tool to transform a docker recipe to
> > snappy ?
> > Example:

I dont think we have a discourse snap (yet), albeit some people seem to
consider this would be an excellent idea

I don't think transforming a dockerfile directly in a snap would work.
> Indeed, you are running scripts, don't necessarily have you stack
> location in relocatable path and such. I feel this will more error out
> and take more time to do the final conversion than being beneficial.
> However, as a transition solution, I know we have some docker snap.
> Loïc (who worked on snapping docker), is it possible to turn this into a
> docker part and embed the image + docker itself, while pointing at the
> entry point?

I wouldn't recommend embedding docker as a part to a snap because it
requires restricted interfaces to operate properly and we wouldn't want to
give these permissions to a large number of snaps; however, it would be
possible to:
- install docker snap
- install a discourse-docker snap which would contain the docker image
(import the latest image as shipped by the snap before "docker run"-ning it)
(I don't have an example of such a snap)

@Anca, however it's likely simpler to snap Discourse! Have you tried this?
Did you face some questions that we can perhaps help you with?

Thanks for your work on getting Discourse on snappy systems!  :-)

- Loïc Minier
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