Docker to snappy

Didier Roche didrocks at
Mon Nov 28 13:37:09 UTC 2016

Le 28/11/2016 à 13:55, Anca Emanuel a écrit :
> Hi.

Hey Anca,
> It is possible to imagine some tool to transform a docker recipe to
> snappy ?
> Example:

I don't think transforming a dockerfile directly in a snap would work.
Indeed, you are running scripts, don't necessarily have you stack
location in relocatable path and such. I feel this will more error out
and take more time to do the final conversion than being beneficial.

However, as a transition solution, I know we have some docker snap.
Loïc (who worked on snapping docker), is it possible to turn this into a
docker part and embed the image + docker itself, while pointing at the
entry point?

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