Symlink to snapcraft apps no longer working

Martin Winter mwinter at
Fri Nov 11 09:54:01 UTC 2016

Not sure when this (recently) changed.

All apps as defined by a snap are prefixed with the snap name

Ie, I have under apps a “vtysh” defined, which then ends up as
quagga.vtysh (for the quagga snap).

So far no issue.

Now, a few weeks/months back, I was able to create a symlink
with “vtysh” pointing to “quagga.vtysh” and then could use the 
simple “vtysh” command to call the app. (same as traditional package 

Link had to be done outside snap, but it allowed to keep all scripts

At the current snapd version (2.16ubuntu3), this does no longer work.

all apps ends up as a symlink to the same /usr/bin/snap binary and 
somehow the
binary seems to fail to call the correct app if there is another symlink

Is there a way to get symlinks to still work as before?

- Martin

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