confinement devmode

Didier Roche didrocks at
Wed Jun 22 10:11:03 UTC 2016

Le 22/06/2016 11:40, Alekseenko Vasilii a écrit :
> May I upload snap with "confinement: devmode" into Ubuntu Store?


Yeah, it's possible to upload it to the Ubuntu Store. However, it won't
appear in the stable channel.
Also, be aware of the current limitations that's going to be lifted
pretty soon. I'm going to quote Natalia on this (as per

"[…] it uses "confinement: devmode", and there is still some work being
done in the snap client to support installing devmode snaps directly
from the store. So until that is completed, you will need to either
sideload your snap, or submit a new revision with "confinement: strict"
so "snap find" finds it. The devmode support in the snap client is
almost ready, we expect it to be available for users by the end of next


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