Snappy Playpen: very incomplete gimp-from-git snap

David Planella david.planella at
Tue Jun 7 13:15:33 UTC 2016

Hi Andy,

Depending on your time zone and availability you might have not seen this
yet, but we're at hacking on snaps
together across a couple of different time zones during today. So do come
along and join us! :)

What you've started there is awesome, and while really appreciate the kind
words, it's people like you who make Ubuntu what it is. Thanks!

Looking forward to meeting you at the playpen and to continuing the GIMP
conversation on the list :)


On Tue, Jun 7, 2016 at 1:05 AM, Andrew Keech <w.andrew.keech at>

> hey everyone,
> I've got a few hours into a snap of development GIMP, which I have used
> builds of for years from ppa:otto-kesselgulash/gimp-edge, and successfully
> built myself in the past with the intention of contributing to GEGL. Turns
> out that I'm likely still years away from having C skills that would be up
> to the task. So, in attempting to contribute in other ways I really want to
> get the momentum going for snappy. Pretty sure the question had come up in
> one of the community Q&A's before, and mhall said that it was too weird a
> project to just start on for the team. Which is true, I fully expect this
> to soak up weeks worth of poking at unless Thorsten Stettin/
> some-other-Debian-or-Ubuntu-user-who-is-a-GIMP-developer steps up.
> I've been using Ubuntu since 2014, watching the community Q&A's on
> youtube; really love the community team and all you guys do, I believe
> Ubuntu is entering a new era after years of unacknowledged hard work.
> Thank you Mark! Thanks everyone else! Thanks so much for this github repo!
> -Andy
> PS: not sure it's really complete enough for a merge request yet, so
> here's a link to the repo
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