[Snappy-Playpen] Need some help to create Etherpad-snap

Winael vinzjobard at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 7 08:07:25 UTC 2016

Hi Every one,

Since Playpen is beginnig, it will be more easely to work on this litthe

I'm trying to build an etherpad-lite snap, but I'm stuck for many reasons :

- I'm a totally noob that wants to learn
- To be able to work, I must copy entire folder from
`parts/etherpad-lite/src` to the `./snap` folder and I didn't find how to
do it

There will be lots of work to do (very useful to learn) because I planned
to add/replace dirtydb by a mariadb database, and add a configuration gui
for webdm.

The goal is very simple. Learn a lot and sharing knowledge from basics to
inspire people to make others snaps from the Framacloud project, a project
lead by a French Organization that promote Free Software and an ungoglelize
Internet program full of Free services (etherpad-lite, ethercal,
tinytiny-rss...). Because French LoCo works a lot with this organization,
animate Snapcraft workshop around their services could be nice.

You can find a branch for this project :


And a Telegram Group :


Thx for your help guys

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