Relocating snapcraft output directories

MikeB mabnhdev at
Fri Jun 3 13:21:10 UTC 2016

I work in a development environment where sources are kept on a filesystem
that is automatically backed up fairly often and we place our build
output/generated objects on fast build servers that are not backed up.
Having build output on the backed-up filesystem is very much discouraged.

With snapcraft, I find myself keeping my snap directory on the build server
and manually backing up my work-in-progress whenever I remember to do it.

Also, for a similar reason, I feel that locating custom plugins in
parts/plugins is unfortunate.  Other than parts/plugins, the parts
directory only contains generated files.  It would be nice if the plugins
directory could be located in a source area rather than a build output area.

Would it be possible to enhance snapcraft to allow all generated objects -
parts, stage, snap, and the generated snap to be located on a different

Regards, Mike
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