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Woodrow Shen woodrow.shen at
Fri Jun 3 06:59:26 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I made roseapple-pi gadget snap[1] & kernel snap[2] by referencing some
examples[3][4], then I tried to use u-d-f[5] to build my own snappy image.
However, I got the weird errors from it as below when u-d-f was running:

Installing roseapple-pi_1.0_armhf.snap
Installing roseapple-pi-kernel_3.10.37_armhf.snap
failed to install "roseapple-pi-kernel_3.10.37_armhf.snap" from "edge":
roseapple-pi-kernel_3.10.37_armhf.snap failed to install: failed to install
kernel can not extract kernel assets: cannot determine bootloader

I also cant' figure out where is it from udf code branch [6].

Any thoughts about this error ?

Woodrow Shen
Software Engineer, Canonical ltd.
UES | CE | PC & Core, Taipei
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