Snap! Community weekly update: W22

David Callé david.calle at
Thu Jun 2 20:35:12 UTC 2016

Here is an update of some of the things the Canonical Community team
together with some other people were working on this past week. You will
receive it every thursday, including some highlights of what happened in
the snap community!

## Documentation

- <>/
    - Hints at devmode usefulness in get-started and examples
    - Moved all examples to their
<> version
- <>/*
    - Update of all /guides/* pages (snapd documentation)
    - Update of all /build-apps/* pages (snapcraft documentation)
    - Reorg of /guides landing page
    - Update of /guides/channels
    - Removal of /guides/frameworks and /guides/hashesyaml-file
    - Refresh of /support content
    - Publication of the Ubuntu Core 16 - Security Whitepaper
    - Successful testing of /mir-snaps against Snapcraft 2.9

## Snaps examples

- Krita (upstream snap) released to the Ubuntu Store
- Good progress on VLC
<> (both master
and stable) in strict confinement
- Addition of an Atom
<> snap to
snappy-playpen (thanks cwayne!)
- CI fixes merged into snappy-playpen (thanks didrocks!)
- Addition of DOSBox
<> to
snappy-playpen (thanks Alan!)
- Extended snappy-playpen docs, getting ready for announce.

## Community highlights

- Krita upstream have announced their first Krita snap along the 3.0
release <>, which is now
available in Ubuntu Software or via “snap find” CLI
- Default Ubuntu MATE applications
snapping in progress upstream
- A MonoGame community member is working on an app to generate MonoGame
- The team behind Nabto has snapped their IoT communication stack

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