Re: “Directory '.' is not installable. File '' not found.” when trying to build a snap

Didier Roche didrocks at
Wed Jun 1 08:48:53 UTC 2016

Le 01/06/2016 09:52, Pierre Equoy a écrit :
> Hi there,

Hey Pierre,
> I've been discussing with the author of Rapid Photo Downloader [1] to
> get a snap of it. I believe it is a good candidate because it's a
> Python3 app that uses some libraries that are not packaged in Debian
> (python-gphoto2), thus making it pretty hard to package in the
> traditional way (PPA...).
> I currently uses the following snapcraft.yaml [2] but I'm running into
> this issue when trying to build it:
> python3 /tmp/rapid/parts/python-gphoto2/install/usr/bin/pip3 install --target /tmp/rapid/parts/python-gphoto2/install/usr/lib/python3.5/site-packages .
> Directory '.' is not installable. File '' not found.
> (full log here [3])
> I'm using snapcraft 2.9 on Xenial.
> Any idea where to look at?

It seems to me that you have two parts, and none of them have a source:
(snapcraft help sources) to locate the code. The plugin: python3 expects
that the code is reachable locally or via source: and will execute from it.

Here, it seems that you are staging the debian packages from the ubuntu
archive only, so what you should do it using the nil plugin instead
(which will do nothing but staging the code from the packages and their

Then, you can add the addtional part for Rapid Photo Downloader code itself.

Does this make sense?

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