New ubuntu-device-flash cannot use own gadget snap?

Yann Sionneau yann.sionneau at
Wed Aug 31 09:11:07 UTC 2016

Le 08/31/2016 à 10:56 AM, Simon Fels a écrit :
> On 31.08.2016 10:49, Yann Sionneau wrote:
>> Hello,
>> It seems the new (snapp'ed) ubuntu-device-flash cannot use my own gadget
>> snap anymore.
>> yann at imperium$ sudo -E /snap/bin/ubuntu-device-flash --verbose core 16
>> -o snappy.img --channel edge  --gadget $PWD/../../../xxx_2.0_all.snap
>> --kernel ../../../xxx_kernel/xxx-kernel_3.10.97_armhf.snap --os
>> ubuntu-core --developer-mode --enable-ssh
>> cannot use
>> "/home/yann/dev/snappy_xxx/tools/snappy/xxx_image/../../../xxx_2.0_all.snap",
>> must be one of: ["canonical-i386" "canonical-pc" "pc" "canonical-pi2"
>> "pi2" "pi3" "canonical-dragon" "dragonboard" "beagleblack" "plano-amd64"]
>> Is porting Snappy on non official devices not supported anymore?
> No, that is not the case.
>> How is it supposed to work now? I must confess that I am blocked in my
>> work because of this change, I cannot generate nor flash images anymore
>> and my project is thus stalled :/
> We're currently in a phase where ubuntu-device-flash is still being used
> but the future will be a new tool called ubuntu-image which will allow
> you to create images in a much better way.
Yes I've heard of the new ubuntu-image tool. It's a good idea to make
this new tool!
It's just important I think that the old tools stay functional until the
new ones are ready.
> From what I got from Michael a lot things are currently hard coded
> inside ubuntu-device-flash. See [1] for the relevant code bits.
> You can override the sanity check for the gadget names with setting
> line you're executing. Didn't tested this but maybe Michael can comment
> how this should work.
Ok, the environment variable works, thanks a lot!
Now I get this:

error while executing external command mkfs.ext4 -F -L writable
/dev/mapper/loop3p2: mke2fs 1.42.13 (17-May-2015)
Invalid filesystem option set:

any idea?

> regards,
> Simon
> [1]:

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