New ubuntu-device-flash cannot use own gadget snap?

Simon Fels simon.fels at
Wed Aug 31 08:56:34 UTC 2016

On 31.08.2016 10:49, Yann Sionneau wrote:
> Hello,
> It seems the new (snapp'ed) ubuntu-device-flash cannot use my own gadget
> snap anymore.
> yann at imperium$ sudo -E /snap/bin/ubuntu-device-flash --verbose core 16
> -o snappy.img --channel edge  --gadget $PWD/../../../xxx_2.0_all.snap
> --kernel ../../../xxx_kernel/xxx-kernel_3.10.97_armhf.snap --os
> ubuntu-core --developer-mode --enable-ssh
> cannot use
> "/home/yann/dev/snappy_xxx/tools/snappy/xxx_image/../../../xxx_2.0_all.snap",
> must be one of: ["canonical-i386" "canonical-pc" "pc" "canonical-pi2"
> "pi2" "pi3" "canonical-dragon" "dragonboard" "beagleblack" "plano-amd64"]
> Is porting Snappy on non official devices not supported anymore?

No, that is not the case.

> How is it supposed to work now? I must confess that I am blocked in my
> work because of this change, I cannot generate nor flash images anymore
> and my project is thus stalled :/

We're currently in a phase where ubuntu-device-flash is still being used
but the future will be a new tool called ubuntu-image which will allow
you to create images in a much better way.

>From what I got from Michael a lot things are currently hard coded
inside ubuntu-device-flash. See [1] for the relevant code bits.

You can override the sanity check for the gadget names with setting
line you're executing. Didn't tested this but maybe Michael can comment
how this should work.



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