Snappy + root encryption

Xavier Pegenaute M2M xavier.pegenaute at
Tue Aug 23 11:47:42 UTC 2016

Hi Mark,

actually, our goal is to provide hardware to be delivered on costumer 
premises but for this we need an extra layer of security. This is the 
reason we are considering the encryption solution.

If it is possible our first and preferred solution is to encrypt as much 
as possible starting from rootfs.

I guess I should port the cryptsetup package and dependencies to snap, 
but since I saw in your mailing list some references I wanted to be sure 
this is not already done or being in process.

As a second step, AFAIK, I should modify the boot process to include 
support for partition decryption which again I am not sure this is 
already supported on snappy (crossing fingers xD ).


On 23/08/16 13:21, Mark Shuttleworth wrote:
> Hi Xavier
> With snaps on classic (deb-based) Linux there have been some bugs
> related to encrypted home directories, not sure if those are fixed yet
> but they are definitely in progress.
> On Ubuntu Core (where the whole system is a collection of snaps, there
> are no debs by default) it should be possible to have an encrypted disk.
> The main question would be what your expectations of the boot process
> would be. Most people who want Ubuntu Core are doing so for distributed
> devices where there isn't going to be a human around if the machine reboots.
> Mark
> On 23/08/16 06:26, Xavier Pegenaute M2M wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am interested on building a snappy system with encryption to rootfs,
>> I've been looking around but I didn't find any document or guide about
>> it. Does snappy support it? If this is the case some one could point
>> me to some info about it?
>> Regards

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