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Tue Aug 23 11:34:07 UTC 2016

> Wiadomość napisana przez Mark Shuttleworth <mark at> w dniu 23.08.2016, o godz. 13:21:
> Hi Xavier
> With snaps on classic (deb-based) Linux there have been some bugs
> related to encrypted home directories, not sure if those are fixed yet
> but they are definitely in progress.

All known bugs related to encryption are fixed upstream and are a part of the 1.0.40 release. I am working on the SRU process to get those fixes released across the distribution landscape.

> On Ubuntu Core (where the whole system is a collection of snaps, there
> are no debs by default) it should be possible to have an encrypted disk.
> The main question would be what your expectations of the boot process
> would be. Most people who want Ubuntu Core are doing so for distributed
> devices where there isn't going to be a human around if the machine reboots.
> Mark
> On 23/08/16 06:26, Xavier Pegenaute M2M wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I am interested on building a snappy system with encryption to rootfs,
>> I've been looking around but I didn't find any document or guide about
>> it. Does snappy support it? If this is the case some one could point
>> me to some info about it?
>> Regards
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