New experimental images

Jacob Zimmermann ppa at
Fri Aug 19 23:06:38 UTC 2016

Hi Michael

Would it be possible to include btrfs in the image's initramfs?


On 20/08/16 04:09, Michael Vogt wrote:
> Hi,
> we have a set of new experimental images available at:
> These images fix some bugs around the new upgrade code in grub/uboot. So
> if you experienced strange issues here those should be fixed now (and
> our automatic tests got fixed to check for those).
> Note that the "amd64" image got renamed to "pc" to make it more
> consistent with the gadget snap name (but happy to revert that if its
> considerd too generic).
> As always, please give the images a go and let us know about any
> issues. We hope to move the images to a more offical place soon but we
> want to have some more testing first to ensure the upgrade issues are
> all resolved.
> Cheers,
>  Michael (on behalf of the snapd team)

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