custom lxd bridges inside a snap

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Wed Aug 17 13:53:14 UTC 2016

On Wed, 2016-08-17 at 13:07 +0000, Adam Stokes wrote:
> After talking to people in IRC I've been lead to believe that I can't
> actually create and start a network bridge without the user running
> additional commands.
> My user experience is:
> $ snap install conjure-up
> .. custom LXD bridge is created during that install, the bridge is then
> started
> But what I'm being told is I have to do:
> $ snap install conjure-up
> $ snap connect

The snap connect is needed for privileged interfaces like network-control. It
would be unfortunate for a tic tac toe game to, upon install, reconfigure your
networking stack behind the scenes without the user knowing. Future assertions
work will allow these sorts of privileged interfaces to be auto-connected and
AIUI gadget snap developers will also have a voice in auto-connect.

> $ some form of systemctl command

If you use:

  daemon: simple # or one of the others
  command: path/to/your/bridge/setup
  stop-command: path/to/your/bridge/teardown

then a systemd unit is created for path/to/your/bridge/setup/command. Based on
your yaml, it seems you understand this point and AIUI, recent hooks work in
snapd can help with running restarting your units after interface connect.

Perhaps others can comment on the status of that work and how to leverage it?

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