Removing sub-parts from the remote parts ecosystem.

Sergio Schvezov sergio.schvezov at
Wed Aug 10 14:31:05 UTC 2016

El 10/08/16 a las 03:14, Didier Roche escribió:
> Le 09/08/2016 à 23:41, Joe Talbott a écrit :
> Namespacing was really nice for things like desktop/ parts
> (desktop/gtk3, desktop/gtk2, desktop/qt5, desktop/qt4,
> desktop/glibonly). There is as well  mqtt-paho/python2 and
> pqtt-patho/python3.

I am going to change mqtt-paho/python2 and pqtt-patho/python3. I own the

> A lot of existing snaps are using those already and I find it really sad
> that we are going to break backward compatibility for a feature that was
> prominently advocated for in our blog posts like
> Developers prefer to work on their snap rather than fighting for keeping
> it working with latest snapcraft/store, please keep that in mind.

A design review proved that this was confusing and not straightforward
for the writer of the parts. The subparts thing was also just to satisfy
the `after` dependencies of the main project part being exported (and
hidden from users). We accidentally leaked that information and the rest
is history.

> I think at least a reasonable approach would be to have a transition
> plan for a period of time backed into the tool. That means that
> snapcraft needs to be able to detect namespaced parts, and suggests
> corresponding new part name to use (as we only have 7 of them, that
> seems reasonable to handle the mapping by hand). I think that will put a
> nice precedent on how we care about developer experience, and try to
> minimize the impact on everyone. Is there anything like this planned?
> Also, please do not break this feature before the parts are transitioned
> to the new name scheme.

That is what is being debated. That said I think the transition will be
fast as we don't plan to fix existing bugs where a `/` is involved as it
just opened a can of worms. The way out is to transition.

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