Sharing "$HOME/.foo" between developer builds

John Meinel john at
Tue Aug 9 12:37:15 UTC 2016

One thing that has come up in recent conversations is that while it is
great that I can push up a custom build of an official snap and have
someone just try it, none of their settings will come across.

The specific case is for us developing Juju, where Juju will go out and
create new machines in AWS for you, and then tracks them currently in
~/.local/share/juju/*.yaml files. I we wanted to move those files into the
SNAP_USER_DATA, then when I try to install a developer's version of Juju,
none of my controllers would be visible. (And even if we had a mechanism to
copy the data over, the data no longer stays in sync if I created/removed
entities in juju-jameinel.juju testing.)

AIUI there is an interface for $HOME, but that doesn't expose any dot
files. Is there something around "I am an application of this <type> and
I'd like access to all of the data for <type>" that doesn't require
creating an new interface for every application?

(As another example, imagine someone did a custom build of Firefox,
wouldn't you expect to still see all of your bookmarks?)

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