incomplete translation

Danilo Šegan danilo at
Tue Mar 6 11:38:07 GMT 2007

On February 26th, NICOLAS Julien wrote:

> The french translation of kmymoney2 (0.8.4) is not complete but Rosetta
> say that all strings are translated...

KMyMoney2 is an universe package, and Rosetta doesn't support
translating them at the moment.  We plan to add this support, but we
are not there yet.

Can you tell me how did you get to a page which says that KMyMoney2 is
using Launchpad for translations, and that all strings are translated?
And what page is that?

> Just have a look to the screenshot :
> Top menus are in English, right menu in French and center navigation
> menu in English...

My guess is that the translation is incomplete in the package and
upstream (0.8.4 version).  According to

French should be complete, so if that's not the case, there's a bug in
the program (it may happen that they are using "stock" QT menu items
for some menus).


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