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nico escribió:
> Hi there!


(Sergio you are in the CC of this email because you just sent the same

> I'm a Spanish-Mexican new Linux user and would be glad to collaborate
> with the whole platform through translations, which are in fact part of
> my professional activities. That's why I just joined Launchpad and
> signed in for a new account there, after being directed through
> SounKonverter, the sound formatting program. 
> The reason of my letter is that this program is not available in
> Spanish, I guess, though I got the following message from Launchpad:
> "feisty soundkonverter does not have any strings to be translated
> through Launchpad. If you think this is incorrect, please send an email
> to the Rosetta mailing list or file a bug in our bug tracking system so
> we can look into the problem. Thanks. "
> If that is the case and the program is already available in Spanish or
> this version cannot be translated, alright, but if it does need a
> translation, don't hesitate to contact me. That's it, regards and bye

Unfortunately, SoundKonverter is not part of the supported packages in
Ubuntu and thus, we are not able (yet) to handle its translation in
Launchpad. However, you can help its translation directly helping its
developer, you can see how to contact him on


> Nico

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