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bardaqani bardaqani bardaqani at kurditgroup.org
Thu Jan 25 22:18:34 GMT 2007

Dear friends,

We have a strong feeling that this will lead us to no where. This is a
very important issue for us.

Our arguments are not taken in any consideration. The potential future
of Kurdish
standardization should not depend on an article of Wikipedia or a code
suggested by a group of men
calling themselves Kurdish Academy.
We at Kurditgroup consider the implementation of CKB as
 a very seriouse matter and it endangoures the future of standardization.

Kurditgroup will not support this baseless ckb. Please let more Kurds
descide themselves on this issue.

glad to have an opinion,


> Language (Geographical Location/country)
> In case of Kurdish; Kurdish(Turkey/Iran/Iraq/Syria).
> However such a geographical indication is emotionally and politically
> so we can avoid it by using the locally used terms:
> Kurdish (North) ku_no
> Kurdish (West) ku_we
> Kurdish (South) ku_so
> Kurdish (East) ku_ea

Probably you are right and it's all about politics, but due to fact
that this language has officialy registered code we should use it.
It's SIL who assign codes to language not Ubuntu users.


> From my point of view the three-letter iso639-3 code represents nothing in
> case of Kurdish.

Maybe, but my point is, that using iso codes we don't need to resolve
any political or language related problems.

> Please be aware of the fact that there is no language or
> sub-language called Central Kurdish.

according to SIL, Wikipedia and Kurdish Academy there is such language :-)

best regards,

On 1/25/07, Michal Ostrowski <ostrowski.michal at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi
> 2007/1/25, bardaqani bardaqani <bardaqani at kurditgroup.org>:
> > Dear Erdal / Dear friends,
> >
> > (ckb (Sorani) are the same as for ku, nplural =2, plurals !=1. ) is
> unclear.
> > Sorry for being late to the discussion about CKB .
> > There is no such a thing like central Kurdish, even though its existence
> in
> > :
> > http://www.sil.org/iso639-3/documentation.asp?id=ckb
> >
> In my opinion if there is an official three-letter iso639-3 code, then
> there is simply no need to use other codes for such language.
> Michal
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