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Wed Jan 10 13:45:14 GMT 2007

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Bob Mauchin escribió:
> You can upload files for Arabic  and Chinese (or French ^^) only if
> you are a member of those translating team. Maybe you can contact the
> leader of those team to ask them to upload your upstream into Ubuntu.

Please, don't upload anything in those disabled templates. Those
translations will never be used until we implement a way to handle
language packs for universe so that would be a lose of resources.

I'm going to add a warning message so translators know about this fact

Now that blender is not in main, if you are interested to translate it
as an upstrem project in Launchpad, request an upload directly at


> Thanks for your work.
> Bob.
> On 1/10/07, Tom M <letterrip at> wrote:
>> okay i still can't upload
>> we have more up to date versions for Chinese and Arabic, and possily others.
>> LetterRip
>> On 1/10/07, Bob Mauchin <zebob.m at> wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> This is strange but you can have an access to it here :
>>> Bob Mauchin.
>>> --
>>> jid: zebob.m AT
>>> messengerid: zebob.m AT

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