Linking a team to translations

fred/eric thisfred at
Tue Oct 17 11:13:34 BST 2006

Another question:

I see that I can create my own team on launchpad (I probably always
could, but I only just found the place to do it,) and I would like to
set the translation to 'structured' for the projects I maintain to
'Silva Translators', but apparently the translation teams are a whole
nother beast again.

I know we've discussed it here before, and that you were
understandably hesitant to explode the number of teams in that
dropdown box, but I really would like to move the i18n effort for all
of our products over to rosetta, but to keep an overview of who's
doing what it would help greatly if I could set 'structured', and most
of the other teams probably aren't that interested in taking along
Silva and all its extensions.

- eric casteleijn

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