rosetta import bug or ...?

Jan Claeys lists at
Thu Oct 12 19:41:07 BST 2006

[sorry for replying this late]

Op woensdag 20-09-2006 om 12:15 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Carlos
Perelló Marín:
> As you already said, we lack some useful metadata that would help us to
> know whether it was a bug in our side or a problem with a translator
> doing bad his job.
> I'm thinking on adding (but not showing that directly or at least not in
> current translation form, just to help us to debug this kind of
> situations) a couple of fields, like who did last change/review and when
> was it done.
> That would tell us whether the change was done by the system or a
> concrete person.
> What do you think about this? Do you think it would be enough from your
> point of view? 

I'm sure that whether it's "enough" or not will become clear when we
have it for some time.  ;)

But, yes, I think it could be useful.

Jan Claeys

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