Improving Rosetta's relation with upstream translation teams

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Mon Oct 9 03:22:29 BST 2006

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On Oct 9, 2006, at 1:44 AM, tegegne tefera wrote:
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> Barring beginners or inexperienced translators from being members of
> the translation team is hardly a solution. Especially for languages
> that yet to have a well developed computer language which is probably
> more than 90% of all languages. Volunteers have to be encouraged and
> trained. The present system makes it difficult for translators to
> fallow up and discourages new comers.
> One of the biggest advantages of Rosetta is for volunteers to come by
> and try out on their spare time. This would encourage them to get
> involved. But if they are brushed off from membership until they
> become prolific translators it would completely put them off. And many
> languages do not have that luxury.
> ...

Would it help if we renamed "translation team" to "editors" or 

Does there need to be another team for each language, separate from the 
editors/supervisors, so that inexperienced volunteers still feel like 
they're "part of the team"?

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