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Wed Nov 8 22:52:06 GMT 2006

Il giorno mer, 08/11/2006 alle 14.23 -0800, Danilo Šegan ha scritto:
> Hi Milo,
> Today at 13:58, Milo Casagrande wrote:
> > Well, actually one only needs the mo file and copy it in
> >
> > 	/usr/share/locale-langpack/[LANG_CODE]/
> >
> > and then re-run the application.
> This works for most of the stuff (main UI), but not all (eg. .desktop,
> .xml and .schema files translations).

Yes that's true. It only works for po to mo files. For xml et al you
have to compile them with the package (AFAIK).

> > I've never downloaded the mo though; I usaully download the po and do a 
> >
> > 	msgfmt --use-fuzzy file.po
> >
> > to include the need-review strings. Is the mo from Rosetta created like
> > that, with --use-fuzzy flag?
> No, and that's not a good idea either.  "Fuzzy" matches are those
> coming from automatic similarity matches. Eg. if a there is a
> translation for "Clean File", and there is none for "Clear File", the
> translation from "Clean File" might be reused for "Clear File", and
> marked fuzzy.  You don't want to see these in the UI before you
> actually review them by hand.

Yes, but when working offline with a po, you mark fuzzy an entry you are
not sure or that you want to check later (at least the Italian GNOME
team, and I, do that).
"--use-fuzzy" is useful for testing new translation against the UI and
check if it fits in well or, at least for Italian, if the translation is
the right translations: we have different style for different things in
the UI that could have the same base string, like "Select file" from a
menu and "Select file" for the tooltip (that's a stupid one... but there
are many). Working offline, if you have the src, is easy, you can go and
see it directly; with Rosetta a test is needed.

> Of course, there's a discrepancy between "fuzzy" and "needs reivew"
> concepts in Rosetta as well (we definitely want them separated, and
> that's another thing we're working on).

So when I mark a string as "need review" and download the po file,
doesn't it show up like "fuzzy"?

Milo Casagrande <milo_casagrande at>
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