Danilo Šegan danilo at
Wed Nov 8 22:23:21 GMT 2006

Hi Milo,

Today at 13:58, Milo Casagrande wrote:

> Well, actually one only needs the mo file and copy it in
> 	/usr/share/locale-langpack/[LANG_CODE]/
> and then re-run the application.

This works for most of the stuff (main UI), but not all (eg. .desktop,
.xml and .schema files translations).

> I've never downloaded the mo though; I usaully download the po and do a 
> 	msgfmt --use-fuzzy file.po
> to include the need-review strings. Is the mo from Rosetta created like
> that, with --use-fuzzy flag?

No, and that's not a good idea either.  "Fuzzy" matches are those
coming from automatic similarity matches.  Eg. if a there is a
translation for "Clean File", and there is none for "Clear File", the
translation from "Clean File" might be reused for "Clear File", and
marked fuzzy.  You don't want to see these in the UI before you
actually review them by hand.

Of course, there's a discrepancy between "fuzzy" and "needs reivew"
concepts in Rosetta as well (we definitely want them separated, and
that's another thing we're working on).


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