Ensuring Quality in Ubuntu Translations

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Sat Nov 4 03:04:31 GMT 2006

Op dinsdag 31-10-2006 om 21:06 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Carlos
Perelló Marín:
> - Create two teams too, but modify our permission system so we only
> accept suggestions from current ubuntu-l10n-XX teams so you need to join
> that team to be able to add suggestions. The QA teams are the only ones
> that will be able to change translations.

That sounds like a good idea.

But it also requires some good tools for the QA team so that they won't
have to re-type all the suggestions, which is what currently has to be
done in launchpad!

I hope this is about something like that:

> That's a nice procedure, I think others should follow it too. Also, with
> the new UI interface we are developing for translate, the review process
> should be quite fast now (it's being reviewed right now, it should land
> quite soon).

> > The third is technical and social. It would be a bad thing to make
> > upstream translations take precedence over Ubuntu translations (because
> > then it would be impossible to correct mistakes upstream, or alter a
> > translation where the context is slightly different in Ubuntu), but most
> > of the problems are caused by the fact that upstream translations are
> > not currently imported quickly enough into Rosetta. This results in
> > Ubuntu translators translating strings which they otherwise would not
> > touch, if the upstream translations were already there. Earlier
> > importing of upstream translations would save much of the pain that
> > Dutch Ubuntu users have experienced, I'll guess. (The social aspect of
> > this is that Ubuntu translation teams should AVOID translating until
> > they know that all upstream translations have been imported).
> Well, this one is hard to 'fix' in a perfect way. As a workaround, we
> are going to add tools to allow easy reverting of translations to
> whatever upstream has or a way to filter messages to see just the ones
> that are different from the ones in upstream.
> https://launchpad.net/products/rosetta/+bug/60029

Have you thought about a way for QA people or l10n admins to kick
rosetta to do a sync with upstream?

E.g. I have contacts with gnome-nl and kde-nl translators, so they can
tell me to update rosetta after they upload a new completed
translation--or I can make some of them a QA member to do it themselves.

Jan Claeys

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