Ensuring Quality in Ubuntu Translations

amachu techie amachu.techie at gmail.com
Fri Nov 3 17:46:43 GMT 2006

hi all,

This is sri ramadas the contact person of ubuntu Tamil Team.

He is the process which we have to ensur the quality of translations we do.

We plan to follow up a Translator-Reviewer set up.

So for a particular application we will have a translator and a reviewer.

The reviewer can also be a translator. So the application which he
translates will be reviewed by the other person.

Two persons will be in a given point of time be a Translator and a reviewer.

This ensures quality.

Well we need to have some mechanism in rosetta where in we will have two
fields that will have reviewer details and translator details.

how about this solution? awaiting feedback.

The quality team suggested is also good. :-)

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