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> > In short, we don't handle it yet. We really want to, though.
> > 
> >
> >  is our spec to get this done.
> I would like suggest Rosetta also incorporate some form of automatic
> translation, especially for Chinese support.  Wikipedia has an
> automated convert for all varients of Chinese (zh_TW, zh_HK, zh_SG),
> and the Gnome Hong Kong translation team appear to use a script for
> automated conversion of zh_TW to zh_HK.
> Currently the Gnome Project has a good conversion rate for zh_TW and
> zh_HK but for Ubuntu Dapper it is very minimal.  Is there a good way
> of improving this without the manual overhead cost, even with the
> assistance of a Greasemonkey script?
> For example to try to move forward a bit how about a web service to
> Rosetta so that a Chinese translataor could download all the zh_TW .po
> files, run through the automated conversion script, and re-upload as
> zh_HK?  The alternative would be a script to scrape the results from
> the Rosetta website instead.  Will Canonical be ok with that?

Hmmm, so the only difference between zh_XX languages is their encoding
or script? Is that correct?

Danilo wrote a script to do that within gettext for Serbian language, I
guess zh_XX language could do the same too.

If that's the case, I don't think every zh_XX locale should be open for
translations, just one, and the others could be based on that one, so
translators only need to care about one of them.

If that's correct, yes, we would be interested on handling it
automatically in Rosetta.

Could you file a bug pointing to the scripts used in upstream?

Thank you.

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