Some thoughts about Rosetta

Augusto Jun Devegili augusto at
Thu Jun 29 10:26:57 BST 2006

As I am not an official translator, one thing that I find particularly 
frustrating is not being able to leave a note on the strings to the 
official translators. I've stumbled upon *several* wrong translations 
but even if I flag a string "Someone should review this translation", 
some official translator just wipes the flag out. Flagging is clearly 
not enough: if I think that someone should review a translation, then I 
should be able to tell why I think so and, conversely, official 
translators might need information on the reason why certain strings are 

Furthermore, there might be translation issues that apply to a whole 
package. Given a certain package, one word might have been wrongly 
translated throughout several strings. I would be interesting to leave a 
note for reviewing the whole package instead of flagging every string 
where this word appears.

And yet another suggestion: some people prefer working with .po files 
instead of the Web interface to do batch reviews (searching/replacing is 
easier). It would be nice if a non-official translator could *upload* a 
.po file. Currently only official translators can upload .po files 
because these translations become the official ones. Maybe a 
non-official translator could upload a .po file whose strings would 
enter the translation database as *suggestions* instead of official 

Non-official translators such as me would certainly welcome these 
features in Rosetta! :)


Augusto Jun Devegili

Code is poetry

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