Gnome glossary

TG tefera at
Wed Jun 28 17:42:23 BST 2006

Thanks Christian
I don't really know how much effort needed to update the glossary but
it is importance can not be stressed more. For the languages that
already established  this might not be an immediate concern but for
those languages yet or still developing their computer terminology it
would save a lot of pain and precious resources. I hope the gnome team
would consider updating the glossary on regular bases.


On 6/28/06, Christian Rose <menthos at> wrote:
> On 6/27/06, TG <tefera at> wrote:
> > Can any one answer this question. Does the claime at
> > still hols true??
> It has not been actively maintained for several years, in the sense
> that no new terms have been added.
> Still, the glossary is probably useful for many translation teams as a
> starting point for GNOME translation to some extent, and many teams do
> use it for that purpose. That's why we still keep it around in the
> GNOME Translation Project translation status pages.
> Christian

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