FW: Import status: test failed

Neil Howe NeilH at xara.com
Thu Jun 8 16:26:15 BST 2006

> I'm not sure what exactly the Xara project asks their contributors to
> sign, but if it helps, all translators working in Rosetta are bound to
> the Launchpad terms and conditions <https://launchpad.net/legal>,
> state the following:
>   All translations submitted into Rosetta are the work of the
>   that created them, and are submitted under the same license as the
>   software being translated. In addition, the translator grants to
>   Canonical Ltd the right to publish the translation and use the
>   translation in other software packages under their license.
> I don't know if this helps at all, but in any case, whatever material
> was submitted into the XaraLX product, it is under the same licence as
> XaraLX itself. I hope this helps.
> The product template remains closed until further notice; thanks for
> status update!

No, that doesn't help us with the contributor agreement problem
unfortunately but thanks for the thought.

The conclusion unfortunately is that we do need the CA to be signed by
all translators. So please can you go ahead and setup a group to control
access to the Xara LX project in Rosetta?

Presumably users who try to access the project when they are NOT members
of the Xara LX group, will be refused entry. At this point we need to
show them a message telling them how to proceed and pointing them at our
web site for the CA. I'll provide text and link for this if that's ok.

Each time we receive a signed CA, we'll contact you to ask you to give
the user access to Xara LX in rosetta. What information do you need from
the user for this? Is just their email address as registered with
rosetta enough? How do we provide this info to you?

Ideally, we'd have an automatic way of adding a user to the group to
avoid delays. Please let me know if this is possible.

Then the user will need to be told they have access. Can you do this?
Otherwise there will be more delay if it has to come back to us again to
do this.

I'll need to contact all the translators that have already contributed
to the Xara LX project. Can you provide me with a list of names and
email addresses or can you suggest a better way? Please leave the Xara
LX project disabled until I confirm we have all those who have already
contributed signed up.

I'm sorry this is so painful - but we really would like translations to
be done in Rosetta!



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