Is rosetta a commercial software?

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Mon Jul 10 03:53:27 BST 2006

On Sunday 09 July 2006 15:17, you wrote:
> On 7/9/06, Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at> wrote:
> >  I would be interested in
> > paying for rosetta to aid in the process of making it GPL one day
> I think Canonical considers Rosetta to be more of a service that they
> are offering, rather than a software product per se. So no, they are
> probably currently not interested in selling it as such.

Umm! I should guess that Mark Shuttleworth and his gang don't care about 
money ;)

> However, I 
> cannot speak for Canonical; so if you are seriously interested, you'd
> better speak to a Canonical representative directly to see what they
> have to say.

Thanks for the clarification, anyway.

> I suspect Pootle ( may be
> more of what you're looking for. Pootle is a free software web-based
> translation application, and if you want to run it on your own server,
> you can simply download the code for it and follow the instructions to
> set it up.

Then I would go the pootle route. Thanks all and keep up the good work.

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