How can we use rosetta to translate OOo into Thai

Samphan Raruenrom samphan at
Mon Jan 23 11:15:03 GMT 2006


We're deciding to use Rosetta to translate (upstream) OOo into Thai.

1) Can we use it for the upstream version.
2) How can we use it for Thai.
You are translating
openoffice.org2 into Thai
Template: Thai (th) translation of ooo-base in Ubuntu Breezy package 

Rosetta can’t handle the plural items in this file, because it doesn’t 
yet know how plural forms work for Thai.

To fix this, please e-mail the Rosetta users mailing list with this 
information, preferably in the format described in the Rosetta FAQ.

This only needs to be done once per language. Thanks for helping Rosetta.

There's no 'plural form' in Thai.
     * 0 ไฟล์
     * 1 ไฟล์
     * 2 ไฟล์
     * 3 ไฟล์
     * ...
     * n ไฟล์

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