New import queue issues, and the start of Dapper translations

Jordi Mallach jordi at
Thu Jan 12 10:02:42 GMT 2006

Hey list,

Just a pair of quick announcements:

Many of you will have noticed that some files uploaded in the last week
or so are not showing up in the system. This is due to the new upload
queue code, which AFAIK has some issues with the recent upgrade to
postgresql 8 that the whole launchpad underwent.

Carlos has a fix for this, and it'll be in production ASAP.
The uploads that are currently stuck in the upload queue will not be
lost, they will be processed as soon as the fix is in.

On another topic, some people have been asking when will Dapper
translations be ready in Rosetta. The import method has changed for
dapper, and it depends on Dapper using launchpad for package generation.
This is planned to be ready in February, which means that Dapper
translations will need to wait until then.

Sorry about these inconveniences!

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