What is an Upstream?

Sebastian Heinlein glatzor at ubuntu.com
Tue Dec 12 21:18:38 GMT 2006

On Di, 2006-12-12 at 11:04 +0100, Danilo Šegan wrote:

> I know we haven't been best at letting the community know what
> happens, so we'll try to improve that.  At any rate, don't ever
> hesitate to approach Carlos or me personally and ask about any Rosetta
> stuff you want.

Thanks. I already did this many times and Carlos was always helpful and
polite. Perhaps this is a good moment to say thanks to you Carlos too.

> Though, most things are going on in the open: stuff is discussed in
> public #launchpad channel, all bugs are there in
> launchpad.net/products/rosetta (and you can look for "in progress"
> bugs to see what's going on at the moment), and you can tune in to our
> weekly Launchpad developers meeting (which is completely open to
> public, on Thursdays at 12UTC, #launchpad on FreeNode), where you can
> see the weekly Rosetta progress report.

I wasn't aware of this. Is there a comprehensive form of the progress
report? I am quite low on time.

> I can't give a specific timeframe for what you've asked, but I can say
> that we've got our priorities set on the following things at the
> moment:
>  1. re-enable po import
>  2. improved translation review interface
>  3. firefox native support
>  4. openoffice.org native support
>  5. kde plural forms support
>  6. search
> So, we're going to add "big" tasks to our schedule only when we're
> done with most of these (since there's always a lot of bug-fixing
> going on at the same time).

Great to hear.

> Well, PO files are not really "diff-able", even if they are plain text
> files.  They contain a lot of metadata which is not important to
> translator, and that usually pollutes the diff output (things like
> source *line* reference changing by 1 would make a big diff, even if
> no translation has changed; message order change might be simply
> because someone reordered POTFILES.in in upstream GNOME package, etc.).

Some time a go I wrote a small script that prints changed/new/with
changed fuzzy state strings between two po files. Someone pointed me to
your po file pyhon class, but I losed the URL. Could you point me to the
source code? I think that your parser could be more mature than mine.


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