What happens to translations through Launchpad? (Arabic Gnome related)

Djihed Afifi djihedlists at googlemail.com
Fri Dec 1 16:45:04 GMT 2006


I suspect this question has been asked before over and over. please
excuse me If i missed past discussions. Links are welcome.

I am not sure how translations in Rosetta contribute back to the
projects' mother-ships. 

We've been working hard to get Gnome Arabic back up to speed, and we've
done a pretty decent job, thanks in large part to a dedicated team. We
do our work independently and commit to Gnome CVS.

What happens to the translations made through launchpad? do they get
merged back to Gnome? is ubuntu the only distribution that will benefit
from them? will our work make it to ubuntu packages?

Thanks in advance for any answers :)


Work on Arabic Gnome Translation

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