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Wed Apr 26 15:51:25 BST 2006

El dom, 16-04-2006 a las 16:49 +0200, Linnéa Björk Timm escribió:
> Dear Carlos


> As the swedish translation team administrator, I have an important question 
> about Rosetta. I sincerelly hope that you have the time and posibility to 
> answer this one soon, since it's a problem for the translators:

Sorry for the delay... too much holidays last week.

> How do we know which packages we are supposed to translate? The gnome/kde 
> packages are apparently translated by the gnome/kde translation team, but how 
> do we divide them from the ones we are supposed to translate when they, too, 
> show up in the list over translateable packages in Rosetta. On top of this, 
> many packages that we think we are supposed to translate aren't in the list 
> at all because noone has translated on them. How do we know exactly which 
> packages we should search for and translate?

You are supposed to translate whatever you want from what we import into
Rosetta. Most of resources available have their own translation teams
not only GNOME or KDE have them. The idea is that we give you the
resources to improve and finish half translated modules and ask you to
coordinate with upstream to get your changes merged there so it's reused
outside Rosetta.

You can see a priority list maintained by other translators at:

Feel free to ask anything you want/need.

Jordi, could you add this question to our FAQ, we should have this
answered there.


> Sincerelly//Linnéa Björk Timm
> Swedish translation team administrator
Carlos Perelló Marín
Ubuntu =>
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Valencia - Spain
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