Rosetta and language pack updates

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Wed Sep 14 07:03:09 CDT 2005

Erdal Ronahi wrote:

> Is it necessary to synchronize the GNOME-CVS with Rosetta to get
> translations into an update? Or will new translations by approved
> translators in Rosetta be included automatically into the updates of
> the language-packs? In other words, are only "green" translations
> included, or "violet" ones from Rosetta as well?

Green, blue and violet translations will get into the language pack
updates. We are late in delivering them, I'm afraid - lots of corner
case issues with real-world data. But Kiko and Carlos are confident this
infrastructure will be in good shape for the breezy release, so all
translations in Rosetta will be available to breezy users, and after the
release we will continue to publish monthly langpack updates to
distribute new translations.

> And what is the update-cycle of the language packs? Monthly?
> Six-monthly? And translations of which packets will be included? Just
> the Ubuntu-specific packets or also GNOME and other applications? I’d
> be glad if you could clarify that.

There is a "base" langpack that goes out with the distro release. Then
there are monthly update packs, which include PO files that have been
improved since the actual release. If the updates start getting too big,
we can rev the "base" packs too.


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