String Freeze and other rosetta questions

Timo Jyrinki timo.jyrinki at
Mon Sep 5 06:43:15 CDT 2005

On Mon, 5 Sep 2005, Logiotatidis Giorgos wrote:

>> 2. Can someone name the ubuntu specific packages (like
>> gnome-app-install) so we can translate these first?

I'm also interested in this, and the schedule when these will appear
in Rosetta. Or are we going to do Ubuntu-specific translations again
in Bugzilla this time?

>> 4. Some translations in rosetta are outdated. Who is supposed to find
>> out , report, upload new? Is all the work get done by a script or we
>> should report it?

I think these kinds of things should actually be visibly documented
in eg. a wiki? "How Rosetta is supposed to work a) now b) in the future"
would be very interesting for any translator. For now I've recommended
people to mostly stay away from Rosetta while it's still developing and
just work for eg. GNOME Translation Project. But for Breezy, Rosetta
would be great for these "Ubuntu-specific" (including possible not-yet-
official GNOME programs) translations.

About Rosetta features, I'm waiting for version control, language-specific
"recent changes" list (a'la Wikipedia), more than 10 strings per page, maybe
some language-specific moderator for each package so that eg. PO download /
upload would be possible for one person / language / package. Also, Rosetta's
web pages' performance is quite low at the moment.

I now made a "test" and looked through 2000 strings of Gaim translation
in Rosetta (Finnish), two times. Gaim was listed in "projects that use
Rosetta", which linked to Hoary's version. There was also Breezy's
version (or several, but the one that was not marked as "deprecated")
with a different translation, I also went through that. There's still
one in the breezy page that's called "review-breezy-gaim-1" which doesn't
have my translation fixes.

I'm interested in seeing if any of the fixes and new translations
I made will make to upstream. Currently I have no idea how it's supposed
to be working. I don't also know how it's supposed to work with three
different translatable versions in Rosetta, two which I've gone through.


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