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Felipe Gil Castiñeira xil at
Thu Sep 1 04:33:10 CDT 2005

Hi Jordi,

I apologize for the inconvenience. I'm only a Plone user, and as it is
not translated to galician I wanted to use Rosetta as a tool for the
translation. If at last Rosetta is the "official tool", fine! 


On Mér, 2005-08-31 at 19:54 +0200, Jordi Mallach wrote:
> Hi Hanno,
> On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 01:56:48AM +0200, Hanno Schlichting wrote:
> > >Plone is nearly setup, but a bug that apparently only plone is able to
> > >trigger is delaying the upload of the plone po files. The rest of the
> > >translation domains are ready to go though. I hope we can resolve this
> > >problem soon.
> > I read this message with a bit of surprise as we (the i18n maintainers 
> > of Plone) are currently discussing if Rosetta is fitting our needs, but 
> > havn't come to a conclusion yet. Don't get me wrong here, I love Rosetta 
> > and it's definitly the way to go, but am still a bit unsure of the best 
> > way of utilizing it and what have to be changed in our current 
> > infrastructure to get it optimal ;)
> I'm sorry about the lack of notice. For some reason I thought the
> requester was a member of the Plone project so this was ok with you
> guys.
> > But as it is set up now, I would kindly ask for maintainer privileges 
> > for the project (my launchpad username is hannosch) as I'm doing lots of 
> > the i18n management of Plone right now.
> Ok, the product is now yours.
> > Having read only some of the documentation this far, I think of setting 
> > up a translators group for the management part of the project (as we are 
> >  some more people sharing the workload of i18n maintenance) which - 
> > permissions granted - I would be able to do myself, right?
> We normally encourage projects to assign themselves to the Ubuntu
> translators group, which has an organized army of translators to many
> languages.
> Plone obviously has a well organised translation group, given the number
> of existing translations in your repository. Mark Shuttleworth says it's
> ok with him to create a Plone Translators group that you guys can
> manage, so it's up to you.
> > Secondly I would like to know a bit more about how the pot/po-files are 
> > stored within Rosetta. As far as I understand it stores the files 
> > somewhere on its own storage, leading to the question how conflicts are 
> > meant to be dealt with, if someone is updating a po file on SVN and at 
> > the same time someone else is updating it through Rosetta? My current 
> > understanding is that the best way would be to disallow direct svn 
> > checkins and only allow updating through Rosetta?
> Hrm. Rosetta should get better regarding this issue in the future, when
> it learns to export bazar branches with new translations.
> In general, translations made by an "approved" member of the new Plone
> translators group in rosetta will have precedence over the po files.
> To make this clear:
> For a "Click on button" string, imagine the appointed Spanish
> translator in Rosetta, member of the Plone transltors group, translates
> "Cliquea el botón", and someone else says in a SVN commit "Haz clic en
> el botón". When Rosetta got a new synchronisation of pot/po files, the
> Rosetta string would remain as "main", "official" string, while the other
> one would be presented as an alternative.
> If you want to do it the other way round, you could just use msgcat
> --use-first svn-es.po rosetta-es.po and yours would get precedence.
> I don't think this is goign to be an issue though: only people in the
> Plone translators group is going to be able to add translations to
> Plone, so I guess Plone translators would always be a subset of SVN
> translators, or equal, in the best case.
> > Thirdly I would like to note that Plone the product consists of various 
> > smaller modules whose pot/po files were combined in one translation 
> > module (PloneTranslations) for ease of management and access by the 
> > translators. This wouldn't be necessary anymore with Rosetta so these 
> > would probably in the next Plone release be reintegrated into their own 
> > modules. As we are also adding some more modules these very days to be 
> > part of Plone core, I assume setting these up as 'packages' in Rosetta 
> > would be the right way to go?
> Again, as you prefer: you could use the big po in Rosetta and just have
> one pot file imported, or you could have it split. Another question is
> how you want to manage the different plone modules. Right now, cmfplone
> is a product. I don't know if for example
> "belongs" to you guys, but if you
> have many like that one, you might want to create a "Plone project" and
> group all of your products there, as GNOME currently does:
> > I have some more questions, but will try to read as much docs as I can 
> > find first.
> Please, accept my apologies for jumping the gun like this. We surely
> don't want to force Rosetta on you guys!
> Right now, it's going to be up to your translators to switch to Rosetta
> or continue using their way, as only the people you appoint will be
> granted access to do official Plone translations through Rosetta. If
> some prefer using external tools, they can keep doing it, as far as
> Rosetta is concerned.
> > So long and thanks for all of Rosetta ;)
> Thanks for managing Plone translations so well. I was quite amazed when
> I packed all the plone-* files and saw that tar.gz was nearly 4 megs.
> Insane!
> > P.S. What is this bug you are talking about? Something wrong on our side?
> Nope, probably something rough in the Rosetta side. The tarball got
> imported in the end.
> Oh, before I forget, in the process of uploading stuff, I made some
> changes to make your files digestible for Rosetta:
> I got rid of zh.po, which is identical to zh_CN. AFAIK, there are no
> "Chinese" translations, without a country suffix, because they are quite
> different between them, and I suspect in many cases zh_CN is not a valid
> fallback for zh_HK. The other Chinese files were renamed to the
> ll_CC format, ie zh-cn -> zh_CN. Likewise for pt-br.
> I renamed no.po to nb.po, which is the (not so) new code for Norwegian
> bokmål.
> I renamed sr-Latn to sr at Latn.po.
> I got rid of en.po. Why is it in SVN?
> I think that was about it. If there's no good reason for these issues (I
> could be missing some python-specific issue with po-files), I suggest
> you make those changes in yuor repos too.
> Again, sorry for the late night surprise yesterday. I hope you'll find
> Rosetta productive.
> Jordi
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