Clément Stenac zorglub at
Wed Oct 26 13:58:49 CDT 2005


Could you please import VLC templates into Rosetta ? 

Rosetta currently features some templates from Ubuntu but they are

Up-to-date upstream templates can be found in upstream SVN at

I also have a question: I discovered that some of the translations have
been updated by some translators using Rosetta. 

We (VLC upstream) were not aware of these modifications, that would have
been lost ("forked" ?).
How is the workflow supposed to work with Rosetta ? I haven't really
understood this. VLC can't currently be imported in HCT because of a
bug in HCT, but how would that work if it was ? Would the templates 
available on Rosetta be automatically synchronized on VLC's SVN ?
Ie, when the VLC templates are updated or when a VLC translator (who
does not yet use Rosetta) commits to SVN, would it be synced in Rosetta.


Clément Stenac

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