Steve Alexander steve at
Tue Nov 15 03:38:10 CST 2005

Hi Jonathan,

> 1. One of the questions is "What's the purpose of having an
> ubuntu-specific translation project?"
> A: Ubuntu contributions are fed back upstream, this means that, when you
> translate a piece of software (such as or GNOME) into
> your language, that it will be contributed into the upstream
> and GNOME projects, which means that the translations
> will be available for any system that uses this software, including
> other Linux distributions such as Red Hat and SUSE, and even other
> operating systems such as MacOS, Windows, Solaris and FreeBSD.
> (if anyone can expand on this, that would be great too, I also want to
> do a bit of exlaining on what Rosetta is)

There are a number of projects that have chosen to use Rosetta as the
main way of doing translations for their upstream releases.

Here's one example; the Silva content management system.

> 2. A tougher question is, "Is there an overlap with existing translation
> projects such as, or are they complementary? Will you be
> feeding back to or working with other projects?"

I looked at, and it was a "redirect you to various
click-through advertising" site.  Later, I looked at

> I must admit, it's something I've wondered about too. Not sure if
> submits upstream as well though... I think I'll contact
> them and ask.

The project started in 2001, three years before
Launchpad.  I expect they would submit translations upstream.  It makes
a lot of sense to do that as it gets more people looking at and using
your translations, and keeps the upstream projects aware that there is
translation going on.

Steve Alexander

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