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Fri Nov 11 18:56:20 CST 2005


I've been packaging up a new release of encfs, and as part of that I've been
syncing the translation entries with Rosetta. I'd like to point out a couple
of rough spots:

- rosetta is producing .po files which gettext cannot compile. A dozen or
more language files did not have "PO-Revision-Date" set in the .po header,
and many also didn't have "Last-Translator" set. This causes gettext to
immediately halt the build and produce an error. I had to edit each of these
files to put in a revision date (I copied the POT creation date line), and I
had to cut and paste the name of the editor from Rosetta online into the .po

- uploading to Rosetta kills the last-contributor entry by setting it to me
(even though I specified the contributor in the .po file, and when I
uploaded it I said that this was not a contributor entry). After lots of
editing to fix formatting issues, I now have an updated set of po files.
Does rosetta allow a bulk upload of po files from a distribution release? I
didn't see a way, so I started uploading them one at a time. I expected that
it would use the Last-Translator field as the name of the last translator
online, but it didn't -- it now displays my name as the last translator,
even though I am just the maintainer, not a translator.

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